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XName Software
  You have successfully (?) installed XName software.
Be carefull to following points:
  • Modify all items in libs/config.php
  • If you have mysql errors, check that configured user in config.php exists, and that database name is the same as the one modified in sql/creation.sql
  • Modify this text - html/includes/strings/en/index_content.php (and copy this file into all directories html/includes/strings/*)
  • Modify all html/*.php to fit your html design (all currently used design functions are taken from libs/html.php, feel free to use your owns !). Class HTML is used only in these files and in includes/*.php
Para errores relacionados con Software XName , comuníquese a (en inglés o francés).
Si este software le es útil puede aportar ! y/o postular parches (, en inglés o francés).
XName Software está acogido a la Licencia GPL .